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Solar Products

JMG Solar poly multi crystalline Panels are manufactured from best quality & performance solar cells. Modules are specially designed for optimum power from Sun Energy can withstand toughest...
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JMG Solar Street Lights available CFL / LED Luminary, single bracket or double bracket with solar panel, charge controller, SMF / Tubular Battery, Battery Box,  Light Poll, cable & other hardware as per client...
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Solar Home Lights most useful for farms, home, check post where there is no power or frequent power failure. CFL / LED Home Lights available. Regular Model of Home Light Best Configuration DC System 4 Nos. x 9 Watts CFL or 3 Nos.9Watts

Solar Lantern available CFL / LED Luminous. Solar Lanterns are most economical and handy. Suitable for Villages, Agriculture Farms, Highway Check Post, Road construction site Cabin, School children Hostels...
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Solar DC Surface & Submersible Pump Day Operation Surface Pump 1 HP X 900 Watts & 2 HP X 1800 Watts Solar Panels Submersible Pump 70mtrs depth app. Discharge 16000 Liters / DayApplication Irrigation of small Farms, Green House, Domestic Use, Spraying, Lifting of water from, open well, pond, bore well, transfer of fluid.

Solar Power Packs Best Suitable ForBanks, Post Office, School Office, Site Construction Office, SEZ where power failure is frequent, power cut, or no power situation for many days .To run tube lights, Ceiling Fans, Server, Computers, Printers, TV etc.The power pack is ideal solution. Can design & offer after getting data of use points, site location & requirement hours? Solar Power Pack ROOF TOP consist of solar panel, charge controller, Battery Bank, UPS Inverter. DC power generated from solar panel, stored to Battery and through inverter AC power supplied to connected load...
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Solar cooker cook meals without any coal, wood or other fuel. By Sun heat it cooks. Box type cooker suitable for 3-5 persons of the family.Two times meal can be prepared.

Solar Dish Type Cookerb :
Dish solar cooker is used for faster outdoor cooking for about 10-15 persons with solar energy. A dish cooker with a dish diameter of 1.4 rigid frame, when exposed to Sun in the normal direction; a point focus would be for large families or institutions where food is cooked for 10-15 persons everyday.

Solar Steam Cooking System :
Solar Community Cooker with one reflector 9.5mm minimum disc can cook meal for 50-75 persons. Two discs can suitable for 100-150 persons. Parabolic Disc generates steam and used for cooking. Most suitable...
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Solar Security Fence : Solar security fence useful to keep away entering person / animals to agriculture farms, campus. It can be installed on the present wire fencing. Creates High Volt Static Field , give high volt jerk to man / animal without death, so do not enter. Crop is saved & security in campus.

Solar Road Safety Blinker :
Suitable for road crossing, bump caution, unguarded railway crossing 300mm 60 LED 12V x 74 W panel 12V x 75 Ah Battery, Poll Dawn to dusk operation with 1 W electronic hooter.

Solar Heating & Drying : Solar Heating & Air Drying is most economical & does not require any fuel for drying. Solar Green House Chillies, Copra Drying, Solar Air Drying Plant available. Suitable for drying fruits, vegetable, chillies, spices, vegetables, Leather drying, salt drying...
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Solar Hot Water System : Solar hot water systems available from 100 Liters to 10000 Liters & up capacity. Pressure & Non pressure systems. Flate Plate Collectors / ETC glass tubes collectors with manifold. Only collectors or whole systems can export as per requirement.

The most energy saving DC fridge and freezer combination for all DC and solar applications, also for medical clinics and medicine cooling. The device can be used either as a fridge or as a freezer. The user can fully programmed the unit and adjust the temperature inside the cooling compartment individually...

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Dairy Pilot Dryer : Complete Dairy Plant & Machineries offered On turn key basis also Comprehensive range of dairy processing plant, dairy plant and dairy plant offered, Road Milk Tanker, Paneer Press, Pilot Dryer, Ribbon Blender, Multi Purpose Kettle, Continuous Butter Melter Pilot Dryer, Evaporator.

Fludized Bed Dryer : High quality Fluid Bed Dryers with multiple advantages like force conveyance in a given direction, fluidizination even at low velocity and a residence time of the product which can be partially controlled.

Falling Film Evoparator : Is just one such technique which enable removal of large amounts of wastewater from liquids, at extremely low energy consumption suitable for commercial application suitable for commercial application evacuated conditions with boiling temperature ranging from 40 C to 70 C making it most...
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Concrete Mixer.

Reverse Drum Concrete Mixer

Tower Hoist

All types & range of road construction machineries Concrete Mixer, Manual Mixer, Reverse Drum Concrete Mixer, Tower Hoist, Rotary sand screen, Diesel Vibrator, Curb cutting Machine Groove Cutter, Electric Vibrator, Vacuum Pump, Earth Compactor, All Types of Machineries...
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Diesel Power Generator Set
Best Make Generator Sets : All range KVA, noise proof, 3 phase.
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Complete Injection Moulding Plant

Blow Moulding Machine,

Rotational Moulding Machine

Vertical Hydraulik Moulding Machine

Best Make Plastic Plant & Machineries: All types of plastic injection moulding machines, Vertical-Horizontal, automatic, semi automatic blow moulding machines, pouch making machines, plastic container blow moulding machines, plastic box straping machines, any requirement of plastic plants & machineries , Plastic waste cutter, grinders for recycle of waste.

Best Make Agri Machines : Diesel Engines, Thrasher, and Water Pump sets mono block, surface pumps, submersible pumps, turbine pumps, Generators sprayers, sprinklers, PVC, GI Pipes Rice Huller.
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